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Development history
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Development history
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      In 2012,
Established Dongguan Kawano Electronics Co., Ltd., cooperated with Japan's Iwatani Industrial Co., Ltd. to develop Toyo AB glue and sold it as 
                     an agent, with a market share of 80%
      In 2013, Kawano (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established
      In 2014, Develop new customers IMOO, the learning machine adopts Toray anti-blue light explosion-proof film
      In 2015, Dongguan Kawano Electronics Co., Ltd. was renamed as Dongguan Yulong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and Kawano (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was 
                     renamed as Yulong Hong Kong Co., Ltd
      In 2016, Acting as agent for the TPU functional protective film of South Korea's MK Company, exported to Japan
      In 2017, Reached strategic cooperation with Japan's ID Create Inc., and cooperated with multiple Japanese coating factories to develop new materials
      In 2018, Developed Japanese ultra-high definition ultra-low reflection protective film (AR) and Paper Like Film (writing film/paper-like film)
      In 2019, The paper-like film market share reached 75%, and a die-cutting factory was established
      In 2020, Agent for Korean KEM company's privacy film, agent for Japanese antibacterial & antiviral protective film, agent for Japanese 9H high hardness 
                    PET protective film
      In 2021, Self-developed Pad/Laptop magnetic privacy protective film and nano-removable privacy protective film
      In 2022, Independently developed dual-edged magnetic screen protector for Pad; Agent for Korean Sehwa company's privacy film
      In 2023, Self-developed foldable screen protector with 3H hardness, fixture and tools
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